Quadra Island Services

Below is a listing of some of our essential services. For more Quadra information, please visit quadraisland.ca or thegumboot.ca.

Quadra Island Medical Clinic

Located in the Quathiaski Cove, in the plaza with the pharmacy.
(250) 285-3540

Isletech Auto Service

Located across from Aroma Coffee Shop, so you can have a latte while you wait for Mitch to fix your car (you could pick one up for Mitch, too).
(250) 285-3100

Melary Towing

BCAA certified, these guys do a real good job towing.
(250) 830-7998

People’s Drug Mart

Colleen is the friendliest pharmacist around. Also, the only place to buy cell phone minutes.
(250) 285-2275

Quadra Children's Centre

This is a very good daycare, with kind-hearted folk creating healthy snacks and fun games for local and visiting kids.
(250) 285-3511

Quadra Credit Union

Has an ATM machine open 24hours and is in the same parking lot as the visitor’s centre and the weekly Saturday farmer’s market.
(250) 285-3327

Quadra Island Library

Located in Heriot Bay, they have internet access with great book people in charge, right next to Terry’s Take-Out.
(250) 285-2216

Quadra Station

The gas station on Quadra is located across from the elementary school, in the same plaza as Aroma Coffee Shop. You can buy propane here and rent movies (mental note, you can’t buy diesel on Quadra, unless it’s for your boat).
(250) 285-3222

Quadra Taxi and Tours

DJ and Ian can take you anywhere you need to go, especially if that is home from the pub, safely.
(250) 205-0505

Orca Laundry

Located in the plaza in Quathiaski Cove, this is a full-service laundromat.
(250) 285-2513

Heriot Bay Inn

This is the only laundromat in Heriot Bay, provides the option to have a pint between your light and dark loads.
(250) 285-3322

Brenda Dempsey

Brenda practices shiatsu, Jin Shin Do, Acupressure, Thai Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Yoga, and does a fine fine job doing it (I know).
(250) 285-3054, 203-1575


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